CPIMについての試験内容変更(メジャーアップデート)予定 Major Update for CPIM 7.0

なお現在のラーニングシステムの内容(CPIM 6.0)に対応した試験も、再来年、2022年の4月まで受験可能です(ただし、試験クレジットの購入は来年2021年3月30日までなど制限ありますのでご注意ください。)またPart 1を6.0で合格されて、期限内にPart 2を7.0で合格されても資格取得できます。

ASCM performs a job task analysis (JTA) on each certification at least every five years to ensure we follow certification best practices and relevancy in the field. Based on our recent JTA, the content outline for the CPIM courseware and exams has been updated, and a new version, CPIM 7.0 (includes Part 1 and Part 2) will be released for purchase on February 1, 2021.
As an individual currently pursing your CPIM, we are working to make this transition as easy as possible. Through April 2022, we will be offering both exam (6.0 and 7.0) versions, providing plenty of time to complete the certification process, regardless of where you are in your certification journey.
The timeline below outlines key dates relevant to this transition process. There are no exceptions for extending these deadline dates.
 February 1, 2021 – CPIM 7.0 presale begins.
 February 25, 2021 – Last day to purchase CPIM 6.0 learning systems and bundles.
 End of February – Begin CPIM 7.0 learning system and bundle fulfillment (shipment); CPIM 7.0 ATT purchases are also available at this time.
 March 30, 2021 – Last day to purchase CPIM 6.0 exam credits.
 March 31, 2021 – CPIM 7.0 exam launch.
 September 30, 2021 – Last day to purchase CPIM 6.0 ATTs (Using exam credits or direct purchase). Please note: if 6.0 exam is failed after this date, only 7.0 exam retakes will be available for purchase.
 April 2, 2022 – CPIM 6.0 exam is discontinued.
We will continue to provide reminders of upcoming deadlines as these dates approach. If you have questions, please reach out to ASCM Customer Support at support@ascm.org.